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Welcome to Amsterdam Advisor.

If you are going to visit Amsterdam for a few days, you can ask me about things to do, where to go, where to eat? And anything else you might have questions about.
I also advise you on booking the entree tickets to musea.

If you want to book tickets for the Anne Frank house, book them ONE MONTH before you go there. This is one of the only places I can’t do any thing for you. Go to this page to book the tickets online.

For the rest of tours, tickets and atractions, there are many ways to get entree tickets for better prices. Sometimes using the ADD ONN offers are the best deal. Sometimes the Hollandpass is the best deal for you. Let me know what you like, I shall assist you from airport arrival, till airport departure.

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8 thoughts on “Amsterdam Advisor

  1. I hope to post some reviews in the near future. I have been a regular visitor to Amsterdam for the past 37 years and am also the Amsterdam Destination Expert for Tripadvisor .. geoffboxer

  2. My experience in Amsterdam would not have been nearly as amazing if I had not gotten advice from Mattijs. He knows everything that’s going on and after talking with you for ten minutes can suggest the perfect place for you to visit!

  3. In all seriousness, Mattijs made our trip. Every taken suggestion, lead us on adventures we never would have experienced otherwise. His knowledge wowed us, almost as much as his ability to tailor fun for our interests. We still have the marked up maps that we now consider Mattijs originals. The Amsterdam advisor is a Netherlands treasure.

  4. Mattijs made us feel right at home when we stayed in Amsterdam. He not only knew everything to know about where to go, what to eat, etc but he was beyond friendly and it felt like he was a part of our group! Loved it there.

  5. Several years ago on my first solo trip to Europe from the US, Mattijs was the first face I saw upon arrival to the city. (AMS) From the get go he was fun, cheerful and eager to answer any and all of the many random questions I had about the city and to this day remains one of the reasons I look forward to every opportunity to return to this place I have come to cherish. Looking back I always remember those first few moments in Amsterdam with Mattijs’s alive spirit, many a time thereafter with pen in hand, map on table helping me to navigate this lovely city.

  6. First time we were in Amsterdam! Mattijs made us feel at home and had so many good suggestions for us!
    He was so friendly and always took the time to be helpful. Thanks so much for being such a wonderful person
    and making our stay in Amsterdam fun!!

  7. We arrived around 10pm at Prins Hendrik Hootel with a lot of luggage and no reservation. Carlo and Collic at the desk got us a great room and a discount for the first night due to our late arrival. ( for hotel information) Then gave us directions to an excellent and afffordable Asian food restaurant called “Bird”, just a couple of blocks away. Next morning, we met Mattijs and he became our “tour guide” in Amsterdam. He gave us a map and took the time to circle places of interest, gave us directions, tips, and a piece of paper he had tiped with precise direction to all places. (walk the center) He also gave us discounts on several things. Without his help and knowledge, and without the staff from Prins Hendrik, Amsterdam would not still be in our hearts. Book this Hotel and if not, go there and ask for Mattijs, get a drink at the bar. relax and really enjoy the city.

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